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Need help getting your child to sleep?

  • Is bedtime a battle?
  • Are naps nonexistent, or happening sporadically while you are out and about?
  • Are you heading back to work and worried sleepless nights are going to affect your productivity?
  • Are the effects of sleep deprivation affecting the family’s overall well-being?
  • Did you hope that your child’s sleep issues might resolve themselves, but now you are unsure?
  • Or maybe are you looking to put good practices into place from the start?

 Whether you’re looking for guidance in establishing healthy sleep habits with your newborn, or are ready to put an end to your toddler’s nightly pajama parties at 2 AM, you’ve come to the right place. By now you may have been exposed to a variety of advice from friends, coworkers, moms, and doctors. It all may seem conflicting or just so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you got the courage to give sleep training a try, but you were unsure of how to handle the bumps in the process or were concerned it wasn’t working and you gave up. I know how you feel and I am here to help. Together we can turn sleepless nights into healthy restorative nights and I’ll help you make sense of it each step along the way. Take the first step in getting a good night’s sleep and schedule a free 15-minute assessment. Let’s get to know each other, discuss your family’s sleep habits and decide if a customized sleep plan and private consultation is right for you.

After some quality sleep, think of the possibilities. How will your family rise and really shine?


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Karolyn Kritikos
Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant
Cincinnati, Ohio